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    Disposable medical supplies
    Raw material
      ABOUT US  

            Founded in 1997, Changzhou Hongtai Paper Film Co.,Ltd. is located in the beautiful, rich golden area of Yangtze River delta - Changhzou . Our company owns 10000 sq. meters of modern workshop and equips various advanced production equipments.
          Our company is specialized in producing one-off non-woven products (medical one-off products) of different requirements, colors, grains, specifications and weights,such as cast film, dentistry-purposed bib, urinal pad, care pad, pet pad, first aid sheet, operation sheet and so on. These products are widely used in the filed of medicine, sanitary and daily life, etc. With excellent quality and reasonable price, our products are well sold in Europe, USA, Mid East and other areas, and have won customers’ trust.
          Viewing “to ensure survival through quality and develop through reputation” as the tenet, viewing “customer uppermost, quality first, scientific management, keeping improvement” as quality policy, we are willing to cooperate with more customers to develop in common.



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